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Invitation for Bids: Supervisory Control and Data Acquistion (SCADA)

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There will be a Job Walk on 4-6-16 starting at the City of Globe City Hall at 9 am for the WATER SYSTEM SUPERVISORY CONTROL AND DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM UPGRADE PROJECT
City of Globe                                                           
150 N. Pine St.
Globe, AZ 85501
For more information contact:
Paul Hendricks
Cell 623 204 4901

 Additional Documents:

  TOC   General Electrical Provisions   Instrumentation Cable   600 Volt Cable

  Rigid Conduit  Flexible Conduit  U G Duct Banks  ID for Electrical System

  IC General Provisions  IC Control Descriptions  Primary Sensors

  PLC  CCS Hardware and Software 

  Contract and General Provisions

  DOL Wage Determination

  1444 Instructions

  WIFA Contract Packet

Request for Statement of Qualifications- Engineering Construction Inspection Services for SCADA system- CLOSED

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