Information for Businesses

Download the business license application form here.

Business Regulations

All regulations & pertinent information for businesses can be found in Article 8-3, Section 8-3-1 through 8-3-12, in the City Code.

Any person commencing a business during a calendar year shall pay the required fee and obtain a license prior to commencing business.

Section 8-3-7 EXEMPTIONS

Persons selling agricultural products produced by himself.

City of Globe Policy: Special Event Vendors, such as parades, craft fairs and farmers markets.

Section 8-3-8 Fees

All Business’s described in Section 8-3-8, will pay fees accordingly to Section regulations. This annual filing will also apply to a vendor business set up in private parking lots, such as Safeway, Wal-Mart and Fry’s.

Transient Peddlers or Door-To Door Sales: Daily $25.00

For additional fees please see City of Globe Schedule of Fees.