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Searching with Polaris PowerPAC

Internet Access from Anywhere
It is very important that you read all of the information on this page before you Start searching for items and placing requests.

Searching with Polaris PowerPAC

You can use Polaris PowerPAC to search for titles in all eleven of the libraries in Gila County.  We recommend that you select Globe Public Library before you start searching so that you can see what is available locally. You can focus your search by publication dates, formats or materials, target audiences, and languages.

You can select titles from your search results and request that your library hold them for you to pick up. You will need a library card and a password to place request You must bring the card you reserved the item with when you come in to pick it up

To protect your privacy, be sure to log out when you have finished viewing your account.

Getting Started

  • In the address bar on the Internet type in:
  • In the upper right corner (white box) where it says Switch to another branch, click on the down arrow, and click on Globe Public Library.
  • The KEYWORD search is automatically highlighted in the gray menu bar at the bottom of the blue bar.  This menu bar has other search options, i.e. Browse, Phrase, Exact, etc.
  • Type word's in the Keyword SEARCH FOR box.
  • Select a field in the SEARCH BY box to choose author, title, subject, etc.
  • Click GO.

The search results are displayed. When scrolling through titles for Local Availability - which indicates our library has the item -- 0 (of 1) means that we have one item and it is checked out/currently unavailable -- 1 (of 1) means it should be on the shelf. System Availability refers to total items in the County.  DO NOT click on the Place Request button next to the Full Display button at any time.