Round Mountain Park

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Round Mountain Brochure

Ramada at start of Round Mountain trails

Round Mountain Park is located at the end of South St. from Highway 60. Round Mountain is home to 5 different hiking loops. From beginner to expert, there is something for everyone, from a leisurely walk or jog, to long distance and rocky terrain that will challenge even the most accomplished hikers.


BluedicksDesert MarigoldFlowerLillySegowall flower

The Wildflowers are blooming at Round Mountain.  This is one of the prettiest times of the year, don't miss it.  A big Thank you To Paul Wolterbeck for the photos


View from top of Round Mountain

This area is prized for its natural beauty and one trip there will prove to any visitor why. A hike along the West Trail will lead up to the flag and give one of the best views of Globe and the surrounding mountain ranges. The longest single loop at Round Mountain is 5 km long, however, one can “jump” loops and walk for as long as they would like