Who Needs a Building Permit in the City of Globe?

If you are planning on doing any of the listed things on your home or business you will need a building permit.

  1. Any addition to your home. (Including decks, porch, carports, and garages)
  2. Sheds larger than 200 sq. ft. (Not attached to house)
  3. Any electrical work
  4. Any plumbing work
  5. Any heating and/or cooling work
  6. Retaining walls
  7. Fences

Other permits may be necessary that are not listed, but these are the most common infractions of homeowners needing building permits.

If you have started a project and now think you should have taken out a building permit, or you are considering a construction project at your home, you may call the City of Globe Planning and Zoning office at (928) 425-7146 ext. 22 with any questions.

Failure to obtain the necessary permits could result in fines and or the removal of the unauthorized building project.