Dollar Dump Day at Gila County Landfills

Photo of Gila County Landfill
Event Date: 
Saturday, June 12, 2021 (All day)

Dollar Dump Day at Gila County Landfills -- Gila County's once-a-month $1 discount "Dollar Day"  on the second Saturday each month is for residents to dispose of waste at a significantly reduced rate of $1-per-load.

This discount is limited to residents and excludes commercial haulers.  

✔️ Proof of Gila County residency is required, so bring your driver’s license or utility bill. Bring a magazine or book, and be prepared for wait times -- Gila County landfills limit 10 vehicles at a time for safety reasons. Landfill staff say "thanks in advance" for your patience on these busy Saturdays, and if you have questions please call

✅ Russell Gulch in Globe-Miami: 928-425-7470

✅ Buckhead Mesa in Payson: 928-476-3350

The special $1 second Saturday rate is NOT VALID for: • COMMERCIAL haulers or any for-profit company or individual using the landfills • NON-RESIDENTS (again, bring proof of Gila County residency) • HAZARDOUS materials not normally accepted by Gila County landfills.   Contact Name: Russell Gulch Landfill   Contact Phone: 928-425-7470