Department Information

  • Administration

    The City of Globe Municipal Building is located at the Veteran's Memorial Park, 150 N. Pine Street. Administrative staff located inside City Hall includes: City Manager/City Attorney, City Clerk, Finance, Building Inspection, Code Enforcement, Water Department, Recreation, and Human Resources. The Mayor and Council hold City Council meetings every second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers.

  • Finance Department

    The Finance Department is responsible for the financial management and planning for the city.  This includes establishing and maintaining controls over the city's financial activities as well as providing accurate financial information to all city departments in a timely manner.

  • Fire Department

    Globe Fire Department is located at 131 W. Cedar Street. The department consists of 19 career firefighters & 25 reserve fire fighters.

  • Legal Department

    The City of Globe Legal Department provides a wide array of legal services to City government.

  • Development Services Department

    The Planning and Zoning's mission is to aid in planning and technical services to guide the orderly development of a healthy, balanced, livable community.

  • Code Enforcement Department

  The Code Enforcement Department's goal is to beautify the City of Globe.

  "In partnership with the community to make Globe a safe and healthy place to live and raise a family."

  • Public Works

    To manage, maintain, and improve the City infrastructure of streets, water production and distribution system, wastewater treatment and collection system, vehicle fleet, sanitation system, cemetery, parks and recreation facilities as per the City Council's direction and policies.

  • Water Utility Department

    The City of Globe Water Department is responsible for billing, collecting and processing all City Of Globe's utility accounts for services such as; water, sewer, and garbage.

  • Recreation Department

    If you are interested in what's going on in and around Globe look no further, the Recreation Department has all the information you need regarding events and activities in the area. A complete listing of City Parks and pictures are just a click away, and as always community input is greatly appreciated, please email us your comments, questions or suggestions.

  • Globe Active Adult Center

    The Globe Senior Center is located at 579 S. Broad Street in the Historic District. The Center provides a wide range of diverse activities to meet their meals, transportation, social, and other personal needs.

  • Besh Ba Gowah Archeological Park

    The Salado Indian Ruins is a unique glimpse into our native history. In the ruins you will find interpretive signs to better understand the Salado civilization. The Ethno-Botanical Garden illustrates native Arizona plants that were used in there daily lives. The Museum is said to house the largest collection of Salado pottery & artifacts in the world.

  • Library

    Since the beginning, Globe Public Library has been dedicated to serving the public. It is our hope that this dedicated leadership will continue into the future and that it will go on to greater growth in service to our community. Our Library offers a wide variety of books, magazines, internet accessibility, audio tapes and CDs, plus DVDs and videos. Your free library card is your ticket to information, adventure, travel and suspense.