The Code Enforcement Department


Code Enforcement Specialist


Code Enforcement Specialist

Michelle D. Yerkovich


Phone: (928) 961-0117


The Code Enforcement Department is committed to protecting the public’s health and comfort and to promote and maintain a safe, clean and enjoyable neighborhood. The responsibility of the Code Enforcement Division is to enforce the regulations outlined in the Globe City Code, Article 10-4, Property Maintenance and Public Nuisances. Violations include, but are not limited to, junk vehicles, accumulation of trash, rubbish, debris, weeds, outdoor storage, dilapidated structures and anything else that may affect the quality of life within the boundaries of the city.

Complaint Process

Initial Complaint

Complaints may be taken by written complaint, phone, e-mail or in person. Several questions will need to be researched first such as:

  • Who is the legal property owner/responsible party?
  • Is this location in the City limits?
  • What type of complaint is it? (junk vehicles, rubbish, trash, weeds and debris, dilapidated structures)
  • Barking dogs or dogs at large, contact the Animal Control Officer, Police Department.
  • Refuse not properly contained for collection, contact the General Services Superintendent, Public Works.


An initial site inspection is conducted on each complaint, which validates the violation(s). Photographs will be taken for the file and possibly the courts.

Notice and Order to Comply

If an inspection reveals that a violation exists, the (officer) will mail out a fifteen (15) or thirty-day letter, depending on the violation, to the property owner with specific instructions to bring the property into compliance. Another inspection will be performed after the 30 days and if the violation still exists, the City may pursue enforcement by issuance of a complaint or summons from the Magistrate Court. Failure to take the required actions in a timely manner could result in a possible fine in the amount of $2500 per day for each citation of code violation.

If you are concerned about an existing condition in your neighborhood please contact us.