Wildland Division

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In 2001, the City of Globe signed a contract with the Arizona State Land Department to allow the Fire Department to respond to various types of natural disasters such as wild land fires, floods, or hurricanes. The contract allows the City of Globe to bill for equipment, personnel overtime, and a backfill cost to assure that full staff is maintained in the city. Excessive revenue generated by this contract is deposited into the general fund.

Personnel from the Globe Fire department are required to complete the minimum training standards to maintain a red card status. This requirement includes completion of S-130, S-190, IMS 100, and a three-mile pack test. All personnel must certify annually with an eight-hour refresher class and a three-mile pack test.

Additional upgrades within the department are three members at Engine Boss status and one member on Type 2 Management team as an Operations Division Supervisor.

The Globe Fire Department has been a contractor with the Arizona State Land Department since 2001.

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