Citizen's Academy

Application Information and Overview Class #1 -- Fall 2021
Citizen's Academy Flyer with Schedule
Event Date: 
Wednesday, November 3, 2021 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

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Dear City of Globe Citizen Academy Applicant,

Thank you for considering participation in the City of Globe Citizen Academy! Below you will find an overview of the program, class schedules, description of each night’s agenda and Application Form. 

Thank You

City Of Globe



Citizens Academy Goal:

To provide an opportunity for residents of the City of Globe to better understand City operations, services, and programs we provide, as well as the Council authority and legal restrictions in which the City must operate.


Citizens Academy Structure:  

Each Wednesday, 14 to 20 participants will attend six 2-hour classes over a period of six weeks. Each class will be hosted by a different member of the Council and will highlight the activities and challenges of different City departments. Participants will hear a presentation from the Department Director, ask questions, and participate in special activities. At the end of the six weeks, participants will take part in a graduation ceremony held during the next scheduled Council meeting.


Citizens Academy Class #1 Schedule:

  • Week 1—Oct 13, 2021- 6 to 8 pm: Council/Manager Overview -City Hall
  • Week 2—Oct 20, 2021- 6 to 8 pm: Economic and Community Development – The Hen
  • Week 3—Oct 27, 2021- 6 to 8 pm: Public Works Department – PW Yard Room
  • Week 4—Nov 03, 2021- 6 to 8 pm: Police Department – PD Building
  • Week 5—Nov 10, 2021 - 6 to 8 pm Fire Department – FD Building
  • Week 6—Nov 17, 2021- 6 to 8 pm: Finance Department – City Hall
  • Graduation Event -- Nov 23, 2021-6 pm: City Council Meeting – Council Chambers


Citizens Academy Frequency:

The City will hold a Citizen Academy Program each Spring and Fall 


Citizens Academy Class Details:

  • Week 1 - Oct 13, 2021: City Administrations.

Host: Mayor Gameros

Presenters: Mayor Al Gameros, City Manager Paul Jepson, and City Clerk Shelly Salazar

Topics: Learn about the City Council structures, Council-Manager form of Government, Elections, and Clerk responsibilities.

Location: City Hall Council Chambers


  • Week 2—Oct 20, 2021, 2021: Economic and Community Development.

Host: Councilman Rios

Presenters: Economic and Community Development Director Linda Oddonetto and Development and Code Enforcement Specialist Michelle Yerkovich

Topics: Understand the needs of the city to manage development, promote economic growth, and enforce building & code standards to optimize the business climate

Location The Copper Hen


  • Week 3 – Oct 27, 2021: Public Works Department

Host: Councilman Leetham

Presenter: Public Works Director John Angulo

Topics: Core functions of any City are to provide water, remove sewage, and maintain roads systems as part of a comprehensive infrastructure plan. Providing infrastructure in a 100-year-old City built surrounding a mining site can be quite challenging.

Location: Public Works Conference Room


  • Week 4—Nov 3, 2021: Police Department.

Host: Vice Mayor Stapleton

Presenter: Chief Dale Walters

Topics: Learn about enforcement responsibilities, staffing levels, training, equipment requirements, and how to maintain public safety in the current environment.

Location: Police Station


  • Week 5—Nov 10, 2021: Fire Department:

Host: Councilman Pastor

Presenter: Chief Gary Robinson

Topics: Learn how firemen save lives and protect property over a 48-hour period using the latest technology... and the unique challenges faced in the City of Globe.

Location: Fire Station


  • Week 6—Nov 17, 2021: Finance Department

Host: Councilman Shipley

Presenters: Finance Director Jeannie Sgroi, and City Engineer Jerry Barnes

Topics: Where revenues come from, City budget process, procurement rules for spending City monies, and infrastructure spending options

Location: City Hall


  • Graduation Nov 23, 2021: City Council Meeting- Presentation of Certificates

Host: Councilman Gonzalez

Topics: Council will recognize the achievements and commitment of the Citizen Academy graduates in learning about the functions of City Government

Location: City Hall Council Chambers




Citizens Academy Participants Requirements:

To participate in the Citizen Academy you must be a current resident of the city, at least 18 years old, and have a desire to learn more about City government.  

Signup will be considered based on first come first serve.


Citizens Academy Graduation Requirements:

To graduate you must

1) attend five of the six class sessions,

2) attend two qualifying City events, * including one Council meeting and one other qualifying event, and

3) attend the graduating event


Qualifying City Events: 

  • City Council Meeting (Mandatory)

  • City Work session

  • P & Z meeting

  • Board of Adjustment Meeting

  • HPAC meeting

  • Library Committee Meeting

  • Arts Committee Meeting

  • PSPRS Meeting

  • Special Council Quorum Appearances (Town Halls, Joint Meetings, Flooding, etc.)


Citizens Academy Application Process:

Complete the Application form below and return it to City Clerk Shelly Salazar.

Applications are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.

If a class fills, you will have first rights to a seat in the next upcoming Citizen Academy class.


Click Here for the Citizens Academy Application Form